Piezoelectric Drops

224 x 56 cm - Serpentinite

In our artistic journey, we continuously strive to ignite conversations and foster new relationships through our work.

We find inspiration in the intricate processes that underpin everyday phenomena. In This case it was the formation of ink droplets in industrial printers—a fundamental step in the creation of prints.

These droplets are brought to life using piezoelectric crystals, meticulously manipulated and electrically charged to be precisely directed by a magnetic field. It's a complex and precise dance, performed with remarkable intricacy.

When observed through a small window in the print head, illuminated by stroboscopic light, these droplets seem to defy gravity, creating an ethereal sense of levitation.

It's astounding to think that this technique, on the verge of what is technologically possible, is employed for mundane tasks like printing a simple expiration date. Yet, it is these seemingly insignificant miracles that deserve recognition.

They remind us that even the smallest parts contribute to the bigger picture.

This notion resonates deeply with our artistic process, where each individual stone tile plays a vital role in building the grand mosaic.

Just as the droplets come together to form meaningful text and intricate code bars, our stone tiles unite to create captivating visual narratives.

It's a testament to the power of the seemingly insignificant, the intricate dance of interconnectedness that builds something greater than the sum of its parts.

By immortalizing these everyday miracles through our stone mosaics, we aim to celebrate the beauty and significance of the small, often overlooked elements in our lives.