56 x 224 cm - Serpentinite

Humans once crafted with hands and simple tools, where every stroke left a mark, defining the essence of art.

The landscape of creation has evolved. Sophisticated machines, guided by precision lenses and mirrors, now leave their own indelible marks upon surfaces.

This shift prompts us to ponder the very nature of art — is it still art if the act of creation is no longer in human hands?

In this captured moment, where the laser beam dances across the surface, we confront the question: what defines art?

Is it the human touch, or is it simply the act of leaving a mark, regardless of the means? As we consider these questions, we are reminded that the essence of art lies not solely in the tools we use, but in the creativity and intention behind each mark made.

As technology continues to advance, blurring the lines between creator and creation, we are faced with a new era of artistic expression.

Yet amidst this evolution, one thing remains unchanged—the innate human desire to leave our mark on the world, whether by hand or by machine.

Ultimately, whether crafted by human hands or by the precision of technology, the mark left upon the surface carries with it a story, a moment frozen in time—a testament to the enduring power of creation in all its forms.