A Chest of Drawers


A river continually meandering across the plain. A blob of ink on paper. A confused bedlam. Unnoticed confusion appears and chaos invades. An overpowering force acts to disrupt order. Anxiety, fear of losing control and fear of destruction arise.

Sometimes these are just moments that quickly pass. Sometimes you don't know when it started or how long it will last. Sometimes all you can do is stop and watch. Chaos is always the beginning of something new.

Setting aside the artistic aspects, at the heart of much of our work lies pure craftsmanship.

And what could be better than collaborating with true masters in their own craft?

Meet the ZAJC family and their company. This piece is the result of a warm and wonderful collaboration with them.

As it happens nowadays, our relationship began online, even though we are from the same city. We quickly ended up in the wood and stone workshops exchanging ideas in pursuit of a common vision.

This particular piece marks our first foray into furniture design, and it required an extra level of dedication to match the mastery of ZAJC.

We built panels first and ZAJC created furniture around them.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Justyna, Mariusz, and Patryk Zajc for embracing new challenges alongside us, and to Tom Kurek for capturing the essence of our collaboration through his photography.

Showcase of collaboration on the ZAJC website