102 x 172 cm  - Serpentinite and Marble

Rain is a powerful natural force that has a profound impact on the landscape. As rainwater falls on the surface of stone, it begins to erode the rock, carving out intricate patterns and textures.

This erosion process is a reminder of the constant change and renewal that takes place in our natural environment. It creates mountains, valleys, deltas, landscapes... It creates something new.

One key concept that emerges from this phenomenon is the idea of creation through destruction. The rainwater, as it erodes the stone, shapes and sculpts it in unique ways, creating new patterns, textures and forms. This process of erosion may seem destructive, but it also has the power to create something new.

This concept of creation through destruction is a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is always the potential for something new and beautiful to emerge.

We too, as human beings, can relate to this concept. We too break stone into pieces to create something new, just as the rain does.

Whether it's through building, sculpting or other forms of creation, we are constantly shaping and reshaping the world around us. And just as the rain continues to carve and shape the landscape, we too have the power to shape and create something new.