The Stone Turners is not a traditional company. It is a result of a really unique friendship. Two old friends who always spend their time on doing things. One is a drummer, a photographer and an engineer, and the other one is a graphic designer, a programmer and a video game maker. This kind of skill set is a bomb of creativity. We explored different areas together. Music band, dark rooms, riding bikes, youngtimer restorations, electronics, programs, artistic installations with robots. Endless stream of ideas. It took us a long time to realize that the energy we had should be directed at something more. The goal was to combine all our talents into one thing, at even more and push boundaries further. We looked for something no one has ever seen before. We have left no stone unturned …and we found it.

The Process

Lasting, potentially timeless – one engineer’s advice about designing. We put extraordinary effort to make it come true in our works. It is about making sure that we keep what stone is – it is timeless. We believe this idea is worth caring for. Commitment to this idea has impact on every step of the process. We are making sure that every piece of stone is handled with care and precision. We prepare every tile in our workshop. We cut, clean, check for imperfections and just stare and admire the beauty of each piece one by one. Each piece gets its own time and attention. We must do it in order to finds its place amongst others. Usually we have some favorite pieces, and sometimes it is hard to let one go. But together they create something more, and always it is worth it.


Use stone as visual medium in a new way. We will embrace this medium as our way of expression.
  • It is stone
  • It is stone, but we will use it as paint
  • Use its endless depth of visual forms to create new ones
  • Reconstruct nature’s rules of creation to celebrate existence
  • Create to evolve